Thursday, 24 April 2014

Lets talk about Bikinis...

The dreaded B word...

I think every single girl has a hang up about some part of their body, and we all find Bikini/Swimsuit shopping an absolutely horrific experience.

This time of the year comes round again, and if you are going on holiday then you have to expose yourself and all your hang ups to everybody around you, and this is extremely daunting.

The best piece of advice I can give you is this, get something that you feel comfortable in and not something that you necessarily think it fashionable. If you have a hang up about your tummy then don't buy low riding bikini bottoms, which will emphasise it. Have a look at Simply Beach, they have a great selection of gorgeous Swim Suits, that hold everything in and give you a fantastic shape. ( I will post a link to the Suit I have below). If you have a hang up about the tops of your legs, get a Bikini bottom with a skirt frill over it, hiding the tops of your legs.

Being comfortable in what you are wearing and what you look like, this will ease the transition and not make you feel less exposed. The worst thing is to go on holiday and the whole time feel anxious about what people think you look like. Just be comfortable!!!! 

For us girls with the tummy hang ups we have had a bit of a blessing this summer, as High Waisted swimming bottoms have become the go to Bikini Bottom of the summer. For me, this is excellent news as they suck you in like spanks and you avoid all Muffin Top dramas. This years Bikini for me consists of a Kelly Brook bikini top from New Look (I could not wear the bottom as my tummy looked awful, but I LOVED the top so I mix and matched) and a High Waisted bottom from Asos.   

These bottoms pull you in and the waist and you do not get the Muffin Top! I think this is about as good as I will look in a Bikini and I definitely will feel comfortable on Holiday.

P.S if you read the Blog on Kimonos below, you will see hear my Bikini and the Kimono together.

Please tell me about your Bikini choices!!!

A x

Cream Kimono -
Kelly Brook Top -
High Waisted Bottom -

Simply Beach Swimsuit -

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